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Rural water supply assistance

The rural water planning program is responsible for implementing the Rural Water Plan and offers support to dryland rural communities to improve and better manage non-potable water supplies. It does this by providing incentive schemes, planning and technical services, and emergency water arrangements. It also publishes information about best practices for people who are carrying out improvements to water supplies.

It aims to:

  • improve the management of water resources
  • develop reliable and sustainable water supplies
  • increase self sufficiency in water supply
  • improve the reliability, quality and management of on-property water supplies
  • provide reliable emergency water supplies for rural communities
  • increase water use efficiency.

More information about the water supply assistance available under this program can be found in the following sections or by contacting the rural water planning team on 1800 780 300 or email

A copy of the Rural Water Plan is available by downloading the document to the right.

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